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September 9th, 2005


     This page is rarely updated, but I'm working on that! Well, we've done a lot of shows this year and it's obvious that God has blessed our ministry. We have played at a lot of our old venues this year. We've done The Cupbearer & Joshua Cup at least a million times. They are always really cool about supporting our ministry, but we've also recieved some new offers. We played a show on Main St. in Kendallville, and we are playing at The Wreck on September 10th... that's tomorrow. We have wanted to play there for a while, but not many places will accept us because we don't have a demo yet. God has other plans though! He has made a lot of ways for us that don't fit into the rules. For that I'm thankful. We're looking to play at Seekers and Go Forth CYM. Seekers is all about the demo thing too, but we'll see.


    Dane just bought an electronic drum set. That is a huge blessing, because now we don't have to borrow our old youth group's drums. Not to mention, electronic drum sets are much easier to move from place to place. They also are easier to run through the sound system. We will be using them for the first time tomorrow.


    We are pretty much wide open to shows. If you know any places that would like us to play have them contact us by email ( We don't ask for money. We are simply in it for the ministry.


    Thanks for keeping up on the band, and as always, pray for our ministry.




God Bless,

         Nick Smith