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Here's a little info on the band!

Devilsmack is...
Nick Smith- Guitar and Vocals
Dane Alexander- Drums
Keith Shepherd- Backup Guitar
Matthew McCue- Bass

Our Mission

Our mission is to be encouragement to the saved and a light to the unsaved!  We hope that through our music we will send out a message of the hope found in Jesus Christ. We want to give our Christian listeners to leave with something to think about. We also hope to inform our unsaved listeners of how Jesus Christ died for their sins so that they could have eternal life.

Our set-ups...
        Guitars- Washburn Maverick Series BT-3 (Electric)
                 Fender Gemini II (Acoustic)
        Pedals- Korg Tone Works AX1500G
                Danelectro Grilled Cheese Distortion
                DOD American Metal FX56 Distortion
                Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Model GCB-95
        Amp- Kustom KGA16
        Drums- Tama Swingstar
        Sticks- Music Star
        Bass- Peavey
        Bass- Washburn